Uh, howdy and welcome to my hidey-hole on the internet!

My name is Kat. I was born and raised in a little town called Haapsalu, Estonia. Moved to the United Kingdom with 6 of my classmates two days after graduating from high school at a tender age of 19. (What were we thinking, right!?). Besides hoarding books I like to go to the cinema, spend time with my friends and during winter months I like to knit! Some say I’m 30 going on 90.

I normally reach for thrillers, horror and crime novels. But I also love a good historical fiction and a tragically romantic war story. And if you give me a chilling ghost story – I’m all yours!

On a regular day you can either find me on Instagram, drooling over all of the the book photos and forever adding more books to my forever growing TBR, drinking either tea or prosecco (I gave up all alcohol in June 2020!) or curled up with a book, drinking tea!

Thank you for stopping by! Take a look around, subscribe and let me know what your favourite books are that I should definitely read! .. It’s not like my physical TBR is already long enough *wink-wink*

Kat x



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