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Weekly (Reading) Update | 2021 | Week 5

Happy Sunday friends! As usual, today’s post is my weekly (reading) update, cannot believe it’s week 5 already. It’s the end of the longest month of the year and it continues to blow my mind how it simultaneously dragged its feet and flew by.. anyway, here’s what I got up to in the past week:


I’m still reading The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah. I keep getting distracted by the absolute worm hole that is Tik-Tok and any progress I make with the book is worth celebrating! I make it my goal to finish it next week.

@bookshelfraiders announced their February book club prompt (Number in the title), so I picked up 11.22.63 by Stephen King. I’m approx. 80 pages through and liking it already. You may know that time-travel trope is one of my favourites to read about, so I would expect nothing less than absolutely loving it in the end. I can’t have another THICKKK Stephen King book that lets me down. (IT, with 1070 pages, is still a sore subject!!)

I haven’t picked up The Troop again. Think it just isn’t the right time for it. I’m going to set it aside for now, with all the intentions to pick it up in the future!


I’ve been binging true crime channels on YouTube this past week; but in general spent quite a small amount of time in front of the actual TV.

I did manage to convince the other half to watch Happy Death Day 2U last night, and although it isn’t anything to write home about, I had a good time. The boyfriend did not lol! But think of Groundhog Day, Before I Fall and with a really small dash of Final Destination all mixed in. Definitely entertaining.


Song of this week is Sunny Days by Allen Stone

I was going to do a monthly update in today’s post, too, but as I’m currently still finishing bits and bobs, keep an eye out for it on Tuesday instead 🙂

Stay safe and catch up again in the next weekly (reading) update next Sunday!

Kat x

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