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Weekly (Reading) Update | 2021 | Week 4

Happy Sunday, friends! The day is here to give a weekly update about what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to throughout the past 7 days.

But before I start can I just put it on record that it was snowing in London town today! The boyfriend took me on a nice lunchtime walk. It’s the first time in months that I’ve left the house with no actual reason other than wander around aimlessly and get some exercising in! And it felt good. I even made a mini snowman! The whole park was full of life-size snowmen and it reminded me of home so much. Every winter our town would hold a “Snow City” competition where a ton of majorly talented artists, enthusiasts and school children would create castles, animals, cars (you name it) out of the snow. Oh, how I miss it! Unfortunately I can already hear the snow melting off our roof now, so it looks like it is not here to stay.


It’s been another quiet week reading wise. I’m really enjoying taking my time with the books I’ve currently got going.

I’m currently still working my way through The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah. Making very-very slow progress but the story is keeping my interest and I do still want to continue!

Although I said last week that I started The Troop, I’ve made zero progress with it this week (oops!).

Having said all that I did manage to finish one book this week; read it for @abookloversdiary book club January’s pick. I’ve still got mixed feelings about it, but I think I’m settling on the three stars..

  • The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley (3/5)

Firstly, I binged the whole series of Bridgerton in a day. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!

Last night we finally watched Soul on Disney+. It was cute, I really liked the message behind it but it was soooo trippy! I would watch again but not anytime soon, and I would pick Moana over it. Scratch that, I’d pick Moana over everything all the time, haha!

Also, we finally finished Come Dine with Me, Couples. I absolutely love this show, but also found myself cringing throughout the whole thing. Great, great entertainment though 🙂


The song that’s been on repeat this week is In Good Trouble by India.Arie

I’m now going to be running a nice hot bath and spend the rest of the evening with a book. Hope you are all keeping safe and that your family is staying healthy.

Make sure you tune in for the next weekly update on Sunday – it’ll be a monthly wrap up! The longest month of the year is almost over! 🙂

Speak next week

Kat x

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