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Weekly Reading Update | 2021 | Week 2

Good everting friends, how are you doing? I’m doing okay and am just jumping on here to give the briefest reading update for this past week.

To be honest I’ve been pre-occupied with a ton of TV shows and done very minimal reading this week. The boyfriend and I binged on the Serpent (BBC) and that was a ride! I love shows based on true stories. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you do. You won’t regret if you’re a true crime junkie, like me!

In addition I finally felt bored with the layout of our living room and we spent an evening moving the TV cabinet to a new place. When I tell you I am obsessed!

Anyway, it seems that this weekend I managed to get my reading mojo back. I have literally just finished reading What I Did by Kate Bradley. You can check out the short review I left on Goodreads (you can find the link to it on the right hand side), but I will also be on a blog tour for it on Wednesday, 13th January! Slight spoiler – I had great time reading it and barely left the sofa all weekend. So addictive!

I have also made little progress with Half a World Away (Mike Gale); although just about 100 pages in I am enjoying it so far. I’m not quite emotionally invested yet, but definitely starting to warm up to Kerry and Noah for sure.

Elsewhere isn’t going as well; I am still considering it as a current read but haven’t picked it up all week. Oops! Not to worry though, hopefully I can confirm to you all I have finished it by next week.

Sorry this week it’s a very short update, but now I’ve finished one book I am ready to tackle more 🙂 What a great start to my reading year as well.

What did you read this week?

Kat x


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