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Weekly Reading Update | 2021 | Week 1

Good evening friends! How are you all doing? I’ve been busy watching lots of trash, but also somewhat enjoyable, movies on Netflix and generally just chilling. I have been off work since Christmas Eve and it really has been a much needed break. However, as quickly as Christmas arrived it was done and over within, in what felt like, minutes. It’s back to the grind tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to rolling out of bed to do some actual work at all. So to distract myself from the fact that it’s Sunday, and I had planned to post a weekly reading update today, here I am.

Week 1 includes two books I finished end of 2020

reading update

I buddy read He Started it with @abookloversdiary. We both agreed that the story started strong with a fast paced family rivalry. It follows a group of siblings road tripping through USA to fulfill their late grandfather’s will condition in order to receive the heritage. The first half of the book was incredible and right up my street. I really enjoyed the road trip aspect, so in the future I will definitely seek out more books that include it in their storyline.

The ending really brought the overall enjoyment down so much that I just couldn’t leave be the last book of 2020. This is why I picked up How to Save a Life

I’ve previously said how much I love time travel and second chances in books, so I expected it to be my favourite book of the month.

Click to read the review for one of my all time favourite Groundhog day type of book -> Opposite of Always

How to Save a Life was cute, yet painful and I would definitely recommend it if you’re after a romance with a twist. Ps! It’s clean romance as well!

Currently reading

Currently reading

Throughout December I actually took it very slow and didn’t push myself to constantly read. Therefore I am currently reading two books, one of which has followed me since December.

Elsewhere’s concept is so interesting, but I am struggling with how *young* it reads. In it’s defense it is a Young Adult novel, but I suddenly feel too old for it. That’s also why it’s taken me weeks to get through it.

Half a World Away was actually my boyfriend’s pick as the first book of 2021 and so far so good! I’ve been busy with updating this little blog of mine and planning for the rest of the month, which is why I’m only roughly 40 pages in, but I am already loving it. I can tell it’ll be a great reading experience for me. I’m expecting tears!

Plan for the rest of the month

Just a quick note to say that I am planning to post regularly this year, so I hope you’ll subscribe/follow/do what you must not to miss my weekly reading update and other posts I’ve already planned out for you. I’d love to have you around!

Also, just in case you missed my Yearly Reading Summary, click here. I smashed my reading goal, but also failed in other aspects.. oops!

Let me know what did you read this week? Did you enjoy the book(s)?

Kat x

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