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Books to read in January | What’s on my TBR

Oh why hello there 2020, which I guess we can call the “unread shelf appreciation year”. January books to read really make me excited! I’ve well and truly started the book buying ban and will be using the “to-be-read” jar get through the majority of the books on my current TBR shelf. Some of which have been sat there for.. lets just say A VERY LONG TIME! So I threw away the whole of my previous TBR jar slips that were majorly out of date and updated it with all the unread books I currently own (some 140+ books). If you want to check out how I created it check my 2019 post here.

January books 2020

I will pick 4 from the jar each month and have already planned the #12in12in2020 for each month (see the 2020 Challenge post here). I am determined to read 52 books this year and here’s what I picked as my January books in 2020 ⮷

What’s on your list to read this year?
Are you sticking to your unread shelf or will you be buying new books? Let me know!

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