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What’s on my TBR | May 2019

Oh, hi there! You want to know what’s on my TBR for May 2019? Look no further! Also, I FULLY appreciate that I’m three weeks late with this post, but after the crazy full on month of April (30 days of April) I really just needed some time to rest.

I decided to keep last month’s theme of “just pick whatever you feel like reading this month” and .. just picked whatever I wanted to read this month. You know what I mean? No book jar, no Goodreads’ recommendation, no nothing. Just books that have been screaming at me from the shelves since forever.

May TBR is really looking rather juicy!

I’ve been meaning to read The Girls Are Gone for months! I was kindly sent a free copy for a review, but I’ve just felt like I was not in the right head-space to read it at the time. Now is the time, I can feel it.

I’m reading Pet Semetary as my first ever buddy read with Erren (@abookloversdiary) on Instagram. It’s also my first ever Stephen King book, and the excitement really is real!

Also, I’m planning to get through A Snow in April by Rosamunde Pilcher, but here’s a plot twist – it’s in Estonian! Really can’t even remember when the last time I picked up a book in my first language was!

How’s your May TBR coming along? Are you meeting your target? Are you ahead? Are you behind? Let me know x


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