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Top 20 Least Popular Books on my Goodreads TBR | 30 Days of April #26

The other day, I added every single book on my TBR shelf on my Goodreads Want To Read shelf. Thought it would be quite interesting to list the 20 least popular books on the shelf for today’s post. So here’s the top 20 books with the lowest average rating.

Stockholm Ransom – S. K. Vall – 0/5

This was gifted to me by my boyfriend a while back as it was self published by a friend of his. It’s an erotic thriller and honestly I haven’t felt in the mood to read it so far. The rating is zero because so far there are no reviews on Goodreads. Technically it shouldn’t even be on this list as it’s unfair!

After the Snow – Susannah Constantine – 2.93/5

I’m surprised to see the rating so low. The story sounded really very interesting- who doesn’t like intrigue and people going missing (in books!)

Isa Browni Lood – G. K. Chesterton – 3/5

One of the books my nan has previously sent to me when sending little parcels every now and again. I haven’t read in Estonian for a long time, and should really be picking it up soon!

Crime at Christmas – C.H.B. Kitchin – 3.25/5

I wanted to read it, because it was coming up to Christmas when I bought it and it just sounded like a traditional murder mystery type books. I tried to read it whilst in my reading slump and put it aside to wait for a better day.

The Good Girl – Fiona Neill – 3.27/5

Not sure why I bought it, really.

The Silent Wife – A.S.A. Harrison – 3.3/5

If it says a psychological thriller anywhere on the book, I’m sold. I can’t wait to rate it myself!

Grist Mill Road – Christopher J. Yates – 3.42/5

Oh this was sent to me by lovely Sharon after one of the Busymamabookswap thingamajigs. I haven’t yet got around to it, but it sounds interesting. I guess the rating is rather average so can’t be that bad!

The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters – 3.53/5

Wanted to read the book after seeing the film. I didn’t really like the film and hope the book will clear few bits up for me.

Mother – Hannah Begbie – 3.58/5

Saw it, took it, haven’t read yet. Clearly.

The Girls – Lisa Jewell – 3.58/5

Now. I tried to read it. Just couldn’t get into it. I have set it aside to try again further down the line. From what I saw, I’d rate the book much lower than 3.58.

Baptism – Max Kinnings – 3.59/5

I don’t know. I’ve tried to un-haul this book a few times, but for some reason kept it. So perhaps there’s a reason for it.

Mile High – Rebecca Chance – 3.6/5

I actually picked it up mainly because there used to be a show called Mile High club and I loved it lol (that was a while back, don’t judge!)

Dear Amy – Helen Callaghan – 3.6/6

I cannot wait to read this. Bring it on!

The Perfect Girlfriend – Karen Hamilton – 3.62/5

Yes, Yes, and Yes some more. I’m so excited to read it!

A Country Road, A Tree – Jo Baker – 3.62/5

Your girl loves a historical fiction. Sue me.

The Temp – Michelle Frances – 3.64/5

Give me obsession thrillers and I’m yours forever. I’m interested to see why people haven’t rated it higher than this.

The Other Queen – Philippa Gregory – 3.64/5

I’ve read two from the series and I’ve liked them both. Look forward to getting that far in the series to rate The Other Queen.

The Girls Are Gone – Michael Brodkorb & Allison Mann – 3.65/5

I’ve been slacking, big time. I was sent this book by the author and it sounds interesting. As it’s a true story I just need to be in the right mindset to absorb the story.

Paper Ghosts – Julia Heaberlin – 3.66/5

I’ve heard so many good things about Julia Heaberlin. I look forward to reading her books.

Un-Making a Murderer: The Framing of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey – Shaun Attwood – 3.67/5

It’s all because of the Netflix series that got me into the whole story in the first place. Secret Santa brought me this book and I’m still taking my time to get into this.

Have you read any of the above? Do you agree with Goodreads rating?


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