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Book Club, are you in one? | 30 Days of April #20

I’ve just finished April’s JennaStopReading #murdermondaybookclub April’s choice – review here. This is my first time participating in a book club and the chosen title was, in search of a better word, amazing. But to be honest, I’ve never really thought about joining one until earlier this month. I was mainly persuaded by the book choice to join Jenna’s.

Would I join a IRL book club? Probably not. Yes, I love to discuss books and discover new ones, but I blame my introverted self for not wanting to meet new people in real life. Oh, the struggle!

Maybe as I get more into books, my outlook on IRL book club will change. Maybe I find one local to me and try it out. As they say: “don’t knock it, until you try it” and all that. We will see, maybe.

Are you guys in a one? Why did you join? What are the benefits?

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