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How Do I Rate Books | 30 Days of April #10

Since I started logging all the books I read, I’ve always used a 5 star rating system. The trouble with rating the books that way though is that everyone has their own ways of deciding what the numbers mean to them. Say we both loved the book and I gave it a solid 5, but according to your system you will only give it a 4. I know a lot of reviewers analyse the book to it’s core to give it a rating. I haven’t developed a criteria as such yet and generally just go with how I feel about the book when I finish it. I’m still very-very new to this field and hope to fall into my niche as the time goes along and the more books I read.

This is how I rate my books at the moment:

5* out of 5

(Yes, I know, that’s 6 hearts! Technically 6 out of 5) Absolute favourite; has the whole package; definite re-read and cannot recommend enough. This means that the book has everything I love. Characters, story-line, twists and writing style absolutely smashed it. Kind of book I’d start again as soon as I finish it.

5 out of 5

Amazing book; strongly recommend. As it says on the tin – loved the book and you should read it too!

4 out of 5

Great book, good story; would recommend. To be honest, very-very close to the above, but not quite. Either there was a character I couldn’t warm to, or I felt there was just something missing from the story. Despite of it I really did like the book and would recommend for you to read it, too!

3 out of 5

Okay, but would probably not read again. A mediocre book; predictable characters with an average story-line. Nothing to write home about but also didn’t dislike it. Going to be gathering dust on the bookshelf in the future.

2 out of 5

Could not relate; will not read again. This would be the case where I didn’t find the story relatable or didn’t enjoy the authors writing style.

1 out of 5

Really disliked and will not recommend. It’s a definite no from me. Quite possibly a “did not finish”. Don’t waste your time like I did.

Sneaky 0.5

You know when you aren’t quite sure if you liked the book or REALLY liked it? Or in a more unfortunate case you didn’t like it or REALLY didn’t like it.. yes, that’s when.

No doubt in my mind that my system will change the more I read, and the more I begin to understand this whole book community. Maybe one day I’ll come close to those crazy detailed reviewers with smashing reviews and ratings, but as it stands for now it works for me and hopefully for you, too. I’ll keep it simple for now and go with the flow.

Do you think my way is too simple? Would it do the books justice? Should I change it? Let’s discuss! 🙂

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