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Why Do I Love (Suspense) Thrillers | 30 days of April #8

If you take one look at my reviews (here), you’ll notice that I am a thriller junkie! Suspense thrillers especially. Ever since I can remember I’ve always liked to be scared by films. Way back when I was, say twelve or maybe even younger, my best friend and I used the opportunity to rent horror/thriller films from the local “Blockbuster” type video renting place. It was run by my neighbour so no age restrictions applied to us! Winning!

But what is it that makes me reach for those type of films and books now? Let me explain.

🤡 Horror and gore no longer scare me

Now, whilst I find it unpleasant to watch, I rarely get scared by a hillbilly chasing someone with an ax or a clown in the drains inviting little Georgie to play with him.

The last horror I read was The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay (review here) – I loved it, but I was left scared about the fact the scenario could ACTUALLY happen rather than the gory scenes.

🤡 Characters

I love to follow the process of how the complex characters got to the point of (borderline) insanity. It is fascinating to me. I also analyze the behaviour and question if there would’ve been something the other characters could’ve done to alter the storyline. When I get them wrong.. now that’s something!

For example Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward (review here)

🤡 Twists

Thrillers are meant to trick us and I absolutely love to be fooled by a book. When the author gets it right and my heart drops, along with my jaw, that’s my favourite part!

The last time I dropped both was when I read Th1rt3en by Steve Cavanagh – review here.

Do you like to read thrillers? What makes you pick them up instead of something else? Let’s discuss! 🙂


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