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A Chat With a Genie | 30 days of April #7

I recently finished “A Whole New World- A Twisted Tale” (review here) which made me think – what would I wish for if I was to bump into a Genie one day? As a greedy human I would definitely have more than three wishes, but I’ve tried my hardest to narrow it down to three bookish wishes.

📖 I wish I was a fast reader.

My first wish is definitely to become a speedy reader. I average about 1.5 books a week and come nowhere near the super fast readers I see in this community. How can anyone read in excess of 16 books a month is absolutely beyond me. (Way to go if that’s you by the way!)

📖 I wish I had an infinite supply of books in my home library.

Second wish is to have a home library full of books of all kind and that magically restocks when any of my favourite authors publish a new book! Oh what an absolute dream! And in case you’re worried – as I’m now a speedy reader I’ll get through them all, so no books are wasted on me!

📖 hmm.. third and final wish.. important stuff.. I wish that my boyfriend shared my love for books and reading.

My boyfriend doesn’t read. Like nothing! I am currently literally talking at him about the books I read. Although he does an amazing job pretending like he’s interested, it’s not the same. Oh to be able to read the same books, and discuss them with my best friend over a glass of prosecco.. in my infinite library! *drifts off to the daydream….*

There – my top three wishes if I was ever to meet a Genie. Modest, but very-very important to me.

What would your three wishes be?




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