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Audio Books’ Pros and Cons | 30 days of April #6

Audio books – yay or nay? Honestly, I cannot remember audio books being so popular a few years back as they are now. Is it just me? It’s like every published book has an audio format. As a child I loved to listen to fairy tales. Those were the days we used to have, brace for it.. CASSETTES! Those were my first “audio books”, and I absolutely loved them. Now, as an adult I do enjoy them, but no-where near as much as I used to as a kid.

I find that my attention span is a lot shorter listening to an audio book and the narrative quickly turns into background noise. It takes me twice as long to get through the book because I constantly need to rewind after I’ve caught myself daydreaming instead of listening to the actual story.

Are audio books convenient? Ab-so-lu-te-ly! The amount of house work that gets done is astonishing. However, they will never be able to replace a physical book in my eyes. Great to mix things up a little once in a while, but definitely not a go to.

PS! See what my thoughts were about a Kindle!

PPS! I chose an audio version of Columbine for this month’s Murder Monday Book Club, so I’m not totally against them- chill 🙂

How do you feel about listening to books instead of reading them? Can’t wait to find out!




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