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Favourite Books Growing Up | 30 Days of April #2

Happy international Children’s book day, everyone! Growing up I was always surrounded by books. I’ve previously mentioned nan’s massive book shelves and they stored some great reads. I had a few books I totally adored and read over and over.

Favourite book growing up

My absolute favourite was “Bullerby Lapsed” – originally “Bullerbyboken”, also published as The Six Bullerby Children, or if you’re in the US The Children of Noisy Village by Astrid Lindgren.

bullerby lapsed

Little Liisa (Lisa) lives in a little Swedish town called Bullerby; so little that there are only three houses, and they’re all built in a row. Liisa tells stories about her life and adventures in Bullerby in the late 1930s, just before the war.

I loved to imagine myself running around with the kids, joining in on the adventures and living life in a village smaller than my own hometown.

Another great book by Lindgren was, and still is, of course Pipi Longstocking.

A little girl, living all by herself in a house, has a little monkey AND a horse and is stronger than any man. She’s amazing.

Pipi Pikksukk

Fun fact- my little sister taught herself to read with this book. She’d rip letters out of newspaper articles and go to mum asking “what letter is this one”. Mum didn’t think much of it, until my sister started to tell her the stories about a girl named Pipi and her adventures!

Favourite author growing up

Think it’s safe to say that Astrid Lindgen was for a long time my favourite author, and when I have kids one day I will ensure they read her books, too.

Favourite book series as a pre-teen/teenager

Do you guys remember “Bert Diaries” by Soren Olsson and Anders Jacobsson? Oh my gosh I was O B S E S S E D! I can see a theme here with Swedish authors…

Bert Diaries

It was also one of the first books I took from a library to read for pleasure, other than literature we had to read in school. I loved the way the book was written like a diary, and that’s why I started my own journal. Sadly I never kept up with it properly but I still have a few diary entries left from when I was younger. They’re all a very-very embarrassing reads, haha!

What was your favourite book as a child? Have you re-read the book as an adult? Let me know!

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