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Ready, Set, Go | APRILATHON | 30 days of April #1

I love a challenge every now and then. When I thought about what my goals are for April, especially with the blog and where I want to go with it- I knew I needed to really push myself. So in honour of April, my favourite month, I decided to push all the boundaries and challenge myself to write 30 posts, not including the weekly memes and book reviews.

Let me be clear – this is no April fool’s joke. (Although should I fail, it totally is!!🤦)

For the next 30 days, I will be uploading a book related post. From reasons why I like to read to blind date with a book, the topics will vary every day. The idea of Aprilathon came to me totally randomly, and the goal is to build my confidence writing posts, hopefully to make more book friends along the way; and also to prove to myself that I can actually do it! I don’t like sports so that’s the only type of marathon I will ever participate in.

Please, feel free to join in and LETS DO THIS! Make sure you leave your link in the comments below so I can follow your progress, too 🙂 I’m so excited!!

See you tomorrow!





Hint: It’s International Children’s Book Day, so I will be discussing my favourite books and authors in tomorrow’s post x


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