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Book Tours: yay or nay? | Tell Me Something Tuesday

Oh, what a week it’s been. The weather has done a 180 on us, and instead of warm sunshine we get icy mornings. Even the birds were quiet on my way to work today! I was getting so excited about the warm evenings with a book in the garden after work, haha joke’s on me!
This week’s Tell Me Something Tuesday topic is an interesting one. As a beginner, learning the blog lingo is a challenge in itself. If you had asked me what a “blog tour” was this time last year, I would have had no idea!

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion post on Rainy Day Ramblings where a wide range of topics is being discussed from books to blogging. This week’s theme:

To Tour or Not to Tour? Do you participate in book tours? Why or why not?

(Fun fact: before I created this blog, I had no idea blog memes existed either. Granted, I should’ve done more research before jumping into it, but hey-ho too late now..)

Okay, confession time. I’ve never-ever-ever been to a book signing event. But let me tell you, the day Steve Cavanagh comes to London, I’ll be there in a flash!

I think touring online is a great way to connect with new authors or to promote authors you’re already familiar with and love. Touring isn’t only good for authors and readers – it’s a great way to get your own blog out there and get to know other bloggers who share similar interest with you as well.

As a fairly new blogger in the book community, I haven’t yet had a chance to participate in a book tour yet; but if the opportunity presented itself I would certainly consider joining in. So I’m definitely pro-tour.

What I would say is that before I agree to participate I must be able to read the book, and like it. I can’t see myself promoting something I did not enjoy.

What about you? Have you ever agreed to take part in a tour and regretted it?

Kat x

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