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Book Review | RIP Synergy by Len E. Hooke

I am so chuffed that I decided to accept the Booktaster’s offer to connect with the author for a free copy of this book. For me anything paranormal, spiritual or simply put unknown is very, very interesting; ever since I was little. The author is correct in saying that for me it is mostly entertaining for I have had no direct experience of “ghostly events” myself.

The beginning of the book goes into a lot of detail explaining meditation and is definitely thought provoking. The author gives quite a detailed account into his early childhood and how he found his path to meditation and psychic readings etc.


“What if we are Gods, what if we are the single energy that creates physical illusions all around us? What if we create physical entities, people, places, all of history as we know it? What if every single one of us is God, or a manifestation of our own godliness, an illusion, a player in somebody else’s life, and puppeteer of our own?”


I was hooked (no pun intended!) from the dedication page to the very end and entertained throughout. Although undoubtedly that was not the author’s intent- for this book to be entertaining rather than educational. Oops!!  

I thought the writing style was easy to read. The author is telling such a great story that includes premonitions and evil entities; and for a moment I thought I was reading the “Game of Thrones” where no-one is safe from getting killed off on the next page.

Thoroughly enjoyable and at times un-put-down-able story of investigation into the untimely deaths of young people that is based on true events.
I haven’t stopped talking about how much I enjoy(ed) the book since I picked it up and talk about it to anyone who is willing to listen. I would proudly display it on my book shelf and even read bits of it again a few times over.
I would recommend this to anyone who shares the same interests as me. Only negative thing for me was that I noticed my full attention slipping the more into the book I got during the long conversations between Len and his spirit guide. I find that I enjoyed the “thriller” element of this book more than the spiritual, but honestly it didn’t make me like it less!

What are your thoughts on spirits, spirituality and meditation?

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