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Book Review | Aaru by David Meredith

I received a message from David Meredith asking me if I wanted to read his book in exchange for an honest review. I was hesitant when I first read his message, but thought it would be great to step out of my comfort zone of crime and thrillers into the world of fantasy and sci-fi. The synopsis sounded interesting. 

I should have said no. 

The book told the story of Rose, a 16 year-old leukemia patient whose mind was downloaded into Aaru, a virtual world where they could do what ever their hear desired, build their “heaven” exactly how they wanted it. It was like heaven, only you could also visit your family left behind though a computer screen. And Koren, her sister left behind. 

You see, the story had potential, but honestly I could not relate to the characters nor with the story line. It was like Inception met the Transcendence, but not in a good way. 

Maybe a little unfair to the author as it isn’t a genre I normally would go for, however this book does not change my mind about wondering into sci-fi. 

Another thing that really did not sit well with me was the style of writing. It felt like it missed the caring hand of an editor. I found there were a few typos and a lot of “…” in the book and the sentences were too long to keep my attention. A lot could have been left unsaid or perhaps described in a different way. 

Mr Ashe’s “dis, dat, dem” was VERY ANNOYING to read. A simple explanation of where he was from would probably have worked better in order to imagine his accent. 

I was also annoyed that the author sexualised the 13.5 year old Koren. It was really hard to relate to the whole story and to read about her wearing “nothing but a thin translucent slip and her underwear” was simply put disturbing. 

This might be up regular sci-fi reader’s street, but unfortunately I didn’t relate to Aaru. Not in any level. 

2 out of 5 stars.

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