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Book Review | Raven Black by Ann Cleeves

Prior to starting Raven Black, I had finished two books by JP Delaney. I’ve always struggled getting into new authors after I’ve read, and very much enjoyed, the previous author. Does anyone else have this problem??

I am so glad that I persevered though.

Raven Black begins on New Years Eve on Shetland Islands. After a night of partying Sally and Catherine dare each other to knock on Magnus Tait’s door on their way home. Magnus is, the way locals put it, a bit “soft in the head” and has lived alone ever since his mother died.

When 16-year-old Catherine’s body is found a few days later, everyone is quick to point their fingers at the loner living on top of the hill. After all Magnus was accused of the disappearance of another little local girl 8 years prior.

However, Inspector Jimmy Perez and DI Roy Taylor join forces to find who killed Catherine, and the veil of suspicion and fear is cast over the entire community.

Ann Cleeves has this amazing talent of keeping you guessing, quite literally, to the last page of the book. I can’t ever remember taking as many notes as I did with this book. The list of suspects was as long as my arm, and although at one point I thought I actually had it – I really didn’t.

Would recommend this to anyone who likes a good “whodunnit” and the best thing is that Inspector Perez has not even started yet! Shetland Series will keep me busy for quite some time 🙂

5 out of 5, for sure!

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